-Making the rock in you, the stone that transforms your future-

Rock to Stone Program for Couples

Our office distinguishes itself because of our Miami couples counseling program called Rock to Stone. It provides couples with eight hours a week of treatment that combines Western and Eastern medicine. The foundation of our program is based upon Dr. Rafael E. Padro’s research. This research shows that patients in group therapies experience the closest environment to the patient’s community and social life while being in a safe place surrounded with professionals, thus enhancing the therapeutic benefit.

There are no formulas or recipe to reach success and happiness in a marriage. To have a happy and healthy marriage, you need education, guidance, perseverance, and overall knowledge of the art of being a partner.

Through our Rock to Stone program, we want to provide the tools and guidance needed to improve the quality of life through positive reinforcement that will contribute to maintaining healthy relationships.

Don’t Wait….

Couples therapy is not only for people who are on the verge of divorce. Every couple faces difficulties throughout their relationship. Over time, it is likely that these are slowly going to become more noticeable. Those differences that you may have been able to put aside in the beginning, could create distance within the relationship if they are not addressed.

Relationships are not about imposing one’s thoughts, values, ideas, and feelings onto your partner; they are about accepting, respecting, and embracing each other’s differences. This can be hard, which is why through couples counseling, you can start to learn tools of communication, acceptance, comprehension, and empathy that will help you through those difficult moments that every relationship go through.

Tackle it from the beginning… allow yourself to be vulnerable with your partner and learn to share each other’s lives by creating the balance needed to succeed.

Schedule for the Rock to Stone Program

We recommend that patients attend the program for at least two to four weeks. Currently, the program runs on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm and Saturdays from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm. The first hour of each day is group psychotherapy and the second hour is a combination of alternative healing therapies.

The combination of Western and Eastern medicine would help each couple:

  • Understand themselves and their partners better
  • Recognize each other’s limits
  • Recognize each other’s needs
  • Recognize how the environment can affect each other
  • Feel comfortable with their true self
  • Learn healthy coping skills that can help with communication in the relationship
  • Learn how to be present in the moment to enjoy the relationship to the full extent and feel truly happy!

We believe CONSISTENCY is KEY for everything in life.