A Safe and Natural Approach to Stress Management

Relief for Mind-Body Stress Patterns

We often think of stress as a negative factor in our lives. The truth is that stress responses like grief, anger, and fear are normal and healthy. However, when traditional stress management techniques fail and our body holds onto these responses for longer than necessary, they can begin to have a negative impact on our overall physical and emotional well being. This mind-body connection is greatly affected by stress, often leading to destructive behaviors and beliefs, unexplained phobias and aversions, and chronic health problems.

Thankfully, there is a way to overcome these challenges in order to enjoy improved health and a better sense of well-being: Neuro Emotional Techinique® (NET). This safe and natural approach to stress relief helps individuals identify unproductive mind-body stress patterns in order to more easily let them go. The team here at Mind & Soul Therapy would love to help you enjoy all of the benefits of a stress-free life — contact us today to learn more about our NET treatment options.

The Mind-Body Connection

Long ago, psychologist Ivan Pavlov discovered that certain circumstances could elicit a conditioned response in animals. Human responses are very similar when it comes to our reaction to stressful events. For example, unresolved stress responses can kick in when we experience a situation that is similar to the situation that triggered the initial response. This is because we unknowingly develop negatively charged response patterns.

Contrary to popular belief, these stress response patterns are not just in our brain — they can present themselves in physical form too. This is why you may feel like you have butterflies in your stomach or a lump in your throat when you feel stressed or anxious. NET provides natural stress relief quickly as it identifies and resolves these negative memory loops and patterns.

Mind-Body Stress FAQs

Does Everyone Have Unresolved Stress Responses?

We have found that the vast majority of individuals have some form of “stuck” stress pattern, whether it be physical, emotional, or a combination of both. If traditional stress management techniques have failed and you feel as though stress is affecting your relationships, health, and overall well being, then our team would love to help you identify potential unresolved responses and train your body to let go of them.

Does NET Replace Psychotherapy?

No. This approach to stress relief does not take the place of counseling, psychotherapy, or other forms of therapy. In fact, your psychotherapist may use NET as a tool to complement your current course of treatment, or our team may make a referral to a counselor as needed.

Why Do Stress Responses Get Stuck in the First Place?

The answer to this is not always clear, however, it seems that they are more likely to get “stuck” when your body is in a weakened state. This might be due to poor diet, emotional or physical trauma, or other instances that compromise your body’s resistance. Regardless of why they get stuck, our team is committed to helping you identify them and help you release them in a healthy manner.

NET Wellness Check-Up

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